​​Have a special group or clients that would like to experience the joys of acting? Church groups, community centers or actors that need to prepare for your project? Book an exclusive acting workshop specifically for you.  We can accommodate events or groups of any and every size at a reasonable price.

2 week installment: $135

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We audition. We book the role. We get to set. We fail on camera. Why? Lack of preparation, lack of knowledge, nerves, etc. This workshop will show you how to be successful in every scene you are in. Register now to receive the discounted rate.

Private Sessions

1 Session

Career Consulting

One on one acting coaching with Dennis. Perfect for beginners that need that personal touch or Advanced Actors that need preparation for a role or audition.

1 hour Session: $75.00

4 discounted Sessions: $250.00

4 Sessions

Sign up for one hour of career assessment and guidance. This is essential for anyone that wants to know how their career can grow. This is designed specifically for each individual Actor/Performer. Filled with special tips and motivational tools that will do wonders to keep you focused and on the right path to success!

It's only $75.00 to sign up