Speaking to students about how to market yourself as an Actor. St. Augustine University.


I am producing several projects & we are looking for fresh faces. This is your opportunity to learn how to be a viable Actor & possibly land a role.

High Schools

Teaching students how to follow their dreams and to enjoy the journey.

This is an ACT LIKE YOU KNOW success story. This Brother attended my acting workshop in Hollywood. Now he is a working actor. 

"Brother, i just wanted to thank you again for the gift that you gave me with the role on Parenthood...I joined SAG/AFTRA 2 days ago, fully paid up!! You helped me so much, and brother to brother, anything you need let me know." Nigel Lawes

Teaching kids the basics of acting. With exercises and scene work


Book a workshop in your area today. Email us for more details at:  ACTLIKEYOUKNOWWORKSHOPS@GMAIL.COM

Teaching adults how to build their careers and how to become working actors.

Acting Workshops