Dear Potential Sponsor


Dennis LA White is looking for sponsorship for his upcoming Scene Scenergy on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 from 7pm – 10pm at Tago International in Atlanta or other showcases or events in the future. Scene Scenergy will be an interactive actors’ showcase performed by Dennis Whites’ local Atlanta student actors.

Dennis L.A. White has been in the Entertainment business for over 20 years. Dennis is an American stage and screen actor noted for portraying Damion 'D-Roc' Butler in the Notorious B.I.G. biopic, Notorious. In 2003, Dennis became the 1st African-American host at Fuse Television. He began to host several TV shows, "Weekend Vibe, HBO's 5 Rounds & Chatzone and MTV's "Hip Hop Life". He then pursued his love for acting with appearances in "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster, "Law & Order:SVU", "Small Apartments", "I Think I Love My Wife", etc.

In 2009, Dennis created "Act Like You Know", a company that gives acting workshops and seminars to aspiring Actors across the country. He currently teaches & lectures on his Acting Method to several colleges, schools and individuals in the surrounding Atlanta communities. In 2010, he portrayed a cancer stricken comedian in Marq Overton's Off Broadway play, "Die Laughing". Dennis had a recurring role on TNT's television series, “The Closer.”

Dennis created Act Like you know to cultivate actors, whether working or aspiring. As he conducted his workshops, he noticed the need to cultivate Atlanta actors working and aspiring so they could compete obtain more roles and opportunities in Atlanta and nationwide. He wants to teach his Atlanta acting students: his industry knowledge, how to properly represent themselves, precise audition techniques, career development and character connectivity. In order to continue helping put our Atlanta rising stars to work, Dennis needs our help by donating to his showcases. He is looking to raise $2000. There are three levels of giving: Platinum, Gold and Bronze. Platinum sponsor package of $1000 will give you : Associate Producer credits for Scene Synergy film, VIP Section at Scene Scenergy event, 2 complimentary bottles of specialty vodka &/or rum, Primary mentioned sponsor and 10% - 20% Charitable Donation. Gold sponsor package of $500 will give you: 1 complimentary bottle of specialty vodka &/or rum, mentioned sponsor and 10% - 20% Charitable Donation. Lastly, the bronze sponsor package of $250 will give you: mentioned sponsor and 10% - 20% Charitable Donation.

Any donation amount is welcome to help Act Like you know and Dennis White to continue his passion of cultivating individuals to become actors here in our Atlanta and metro Atlanta communities. A portion of all proceeds from the Scene Scenergy Showcase will go to Academy of the gifted in Charlotte, North Carolina and Act, Inc. here in Atlanta, Georgia. Your help is greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you. Please give us a call at 678-313-1370. Thank you for your time, consideration and support.


      Act Like You Know Organization

Platinum: $1000

Associate Producer credits for Scene Synergy film

VIP Section

2 complimentary bottle

Primary sponsor mentioned

Charitable Donation

Gold: $500

1 complimentary bottle

Sponsor mentioned

Charitable Donation

Bronze: $200

Sponsor mentioned

Charitable Donation